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Our MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice is designed to inspire students who are passionate about integrating social justice and spiritual transformation.

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We honor the spiritual impulses that have guided movements for equality and justice across the globe, and we believe that activism can be a form of sacred practice. This MA is best suited to those who are interested in developing a visionary approach to their work as activists, educators, healers, facilitators, artists, and socially conscious entrepreneurs. Students are invited to develop an individualized focus of study within these broad areas of scholarship:. We also encourage students to engage in a process of deep academic and personal inquiry as they explore questions such as the following:.

Students are invited to develop their own questions, born of their interests and experiences.

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For example, an individualized focus of study might be. Our semi-distance learning format offers students from all over the US and the world the opportunity to study with us. In this format, students must earn 19 units of face-to-face credit.

Insights of Women Educators Worldwide

The other 17 units of required coursework may be taken online. This option takes five semesters of full-time study. Students can earn face-to-face credit by attending intensives, and by taking Public Programs workshops for academic credit, residential courses, and independent studies. To earn the needed face-to-face units, students should plan to travel to campus three to four times a year.

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Public Programs workshops that are offered for one unit of credit meet during a two-day weekend block, with homework that is completed once the in-person portion of the workshop is complete. Not all Public Programs are offered for credit; please ask the program coordinator for more information. Our program also offers three-unit hybrid courses, in which 1 unit counts as face-to-face credits, and two units are online credits. The student completes the one unit of face-to-face credit in a two-day block and earns the remaining units in the online classroom over the rest of the semester.

Our program offers two nine-day intensives each year, one at the beginning of each of the fall and spring semesters. The intensives are six to eight days long, with about eight hours each day spent in class.

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These intensives are designed especially for semi-distance learning students. During the intensive, we offer four one-unit courses so that students may receive up to four units of in-person classes in one trip to San Francisco. Our MA is one of the options within this track. Directed electives 13 units With consultation of the academic advisor, students take courses in the women's spirituality program that support their primary areas of academic and professional interest.

General electives 6 units Students take six units from any program at CIIS; up to three of these units can be from Public Programs workshops taken for academic credit. MA Integrative Seminar 3 units In this course, students are mentored in the preparation of a portfolio or advanced research paper.

The Significance of Social Justice to a System of Peace

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Enacting social justice in education through spiritual leadership

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Shaping Social Justice Leadership Insights Of Women Educators Worldwide

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