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Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose for a count of three and out through your mouth for a count of five. Do this 5 times. Do nothing for 2 minutes. Guess what happens? Nobody judged you. In fact, the only thing that really happened was that you realized that you can make time for yourself and enjoy your own presence without consuming something eating, watching TV, etc.

We live for close connection. Having Facebook friends and Twitter followers and a large network is great, but it lacks the meaning of close connection. Reach out to someone who is important to you. Talk about whatever the hell you want. I tell you. I did. I was tearful. Some people like coffee, others prefer tea. Some with milk, some without. Equally, not everyone is going to like who we are. Accept this and move on. Do you have people in your life who agree? You could be the nicest, most placid person in the world and some people will still not like you.

Embrace who you are, and stop trying to change your personality to please everyone. It will never work. You are wonderful. And there are many people who will agree. Whether family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, distance yourself from negative characters and instead surround yourself with more positive souls.

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For me, I make an effort with people who are fun and easy to get along. The kind of people who see the lighter side to life. People who I can go without seeing for months and then easily pick up where we left off. We exist in an age when it feels as though our whole lives are on show to the rest of the world. Let me stop you there. This article was never going to preach to you about perfection.

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Ditch the pressure to be perfect. Happiness lies in recognising you are in control and are allowed to give yourself the odd treat. Working for someone else is just as rewarding, and often better for most because you certainly have a lot less stress and more stability. Depression happens to us all. Just like physical health, our mental health is something we should all be aware of.

Give yourself a break. I come from a long line of ridiculously mad people. And I mean that in a good way.

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My family are incredibly good fun. They are daft and silly. We hardly ever fall out. Life is just fun and lighthearted. The power of now is something we could all employ a little more of. Because now is all we ever really have. That will be me one day. I want to live such a full and happy life that I never feel that way. And I try to remember that every time I face difficult times. You should too. Creative Boom celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community. Launched in , we love to explore the very best creativity and offer tips, resources and advice to help you succeed.

Created by Boomerang PR. Hello everyone, I guess people around here have more to say than me. But i will say here only because i have no other place no friends to share this, at least no one will dominate on me here.

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I am 21 yr old, living in bangalore, working for in mnc, will not take the name. He uses me like anything.

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At work place and outside he behaves like he is the most mannered person. But his real things,one can know living with him. My living environment is like a hell. I have frinds from my last company, and they too seem very busy and avoiding me, may be i am kind of boring. So i am left alone like a fish in a tub. Nothing to do just watch the people watching me.

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I am not asking for any kind of sympathy. But i have nowhere to share this. Leave him, and start new life.. Life has many options.. As a consequence I have a hard time meeting new people and forming friendships. You can go to theatre , watch a sunrise have a summer vacation.

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However it is more enjoyable to do it with someone rather than on your own. Surely good companionship people you can have a laugh and a joke with is one of the main routs to what happiness should be about.

My life is kinda boring, and full with regret. If only i could ask to the creator of me, i would rather to be created as a normal person. It is so hard to find a peaceful in my mind, i hate my life.. If you punish me because im committing a crime like murdering, robbing, or do that kinda bad things i will accept that. But i dont know what did i do to my self that made me end up as a gay. Im living with my partner for 2 years but soon hes going to leave me alone, because hes going to marry a woman. I have left my parents and move to the big city, and when the time has come my partner is going to leave me then im going to be alone.

Why everything is seem so hard to through…. Hi friends I wesh that your good and enjoy from your life,,,,,, i enjied my life with most of things like music,friends,family,and e,t,c so i live in pakistan ,lahor ,,,i am realy realy hapy from my life becouse there are my best friends to not allow the girls in my life,,,i love one beautiful girl in my university and she also love me but less and i also enjoyed with her,,,,,,wish you all the best. I am struggling every single day. I just battled cancer, and I am now cancer free.

My life seems foreign to me know. Before cancer, I was a wife, mother, and teacher.