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Sign Up. Sign In. View the Study Pack. Lamb to the Slaughter. Man from the South. My Lady Love, My Dove. Dip in the Pool. It is derived in part from one entitled One Flesh which was preached a few years earlier, but the approach taken here is a more one of positive affirmation of the gifts of God.

Kelly Rowland and Dove Team Up for "Crown," an Anti-Bullying Anthem About Loving Your Hair

That earlier sermon and others which are linked to it were topical though biblically based, and necessary to meet pastoral needs at the time. This one is more directly an exposition of the readings for today.

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In any case, the problems caused in the Uniting Church by the Interim Report on Sexuality are still with us, but having spoken out clearly in defence of traditional teaching, a different approach is now perhaps appropriate. The earlier response to the situation that was then developing could still be a useful resource in some parts of the church.

My Lady Love, My Dove Analysis

Love songs are found in the Bible. Love songs are there together with other songs which celebrate the goodness of God's creation and deal with the whole range of human emotions. Such songs are found in the literature of ancient Israel as in all sorts of human societies; but they are more than that for us as part of scripture because they have something to say, with authority, about the nature of God and how we are called to live in relationship to each other and to God. That is, love songs are part of the revelation of the word of God for humanity in the Old Testament, but the word I wish to share with you today brings us also to the teaching of Jesus about the nature of marriage and sexual relationships.

Let there be no doubt, marriage is celebrated in scripture has a highly desirable and commended gift of God. We have in Genesis 24 one of those celebrations in the betrothal and marriage of Rebekah to Isaac.

Marriage customs vary greatly around the world and from one age to another, but we can all recognize what people today in our society can still have in common with Isaac and Rebekah. It is good to see it openly declared as a human institution in which the hand of God is at work. It is both holy, in belonging to God, and at the same time very natural. Indeed, as we shall be recalling, Jesus called what was natural in the attraction of a man and a woman to each other the work of God.

The Israelites, while they led a disciplined life in their sexual behaviour, were not ashamed to admit desire and on occasion to celebrate it. In the Psalm for today, as more clearly in the song from the Song of Songs also called the Song of Solomon, the desire of a woman for her prospective husband is not hidden but openly proclaimed. There was no shame in sexual love in itself, and Rebekah's beauty played a significant part in the story of her choice as the wife of Isaac.

It is strange how much of this has been forgotten or how it surprises people to discover in the Bible some of the passages which celebrate love in marriage. There are some great passages in the Song of Songs which are seldom read in church, and I suppose there is some temptation for a preacher to use them to show how little he is afraid of sex or of those puritanical policemen of the mind who would suppress all such ideas.

Jonathan Dove - My Love is Mine

It can be a point of popular appeal. Somehow, it became necessary in 'modern times', for anyone who wanted to be taken seriously to show that he or she was not too 'hung up' about such things, to show that you did not have to be old fashioned to be a Christian, that you could be 'relevant' and 'believing' at the same time. I think by now many people have seen through the shallowness of that kind of appeal.

It is not the mere recurrence of words that counts but how effectively the poet uses them in their contexts. For example, Mr. Taylor cites the use of ''love'' and ''dove'' in the poem and in ''Romeo and Juliet'' as proof of the poem's authenticity. But in the play Mercutio is satirizing Romeo's bad rhymes: ''Romeo!

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  • This throws doubt on the poem's authenticity rather than supporting it. Even the badness of this poem is un-Shakespearean. Even in his earliest work, like ''A Lover's Complaint,'' he was never so sloppy. Taylor says the unknown scribe who copied out this and 50 or more other poems in the 's had ''no motive for lying'' about the poem's authorship. This is naive and by itself in no way authenticates the poem. For one thing, the scribe may have believed the poem to be Shakespeare's and been wrong; or the scrivener's copy he used may have made a wrong attribution.