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Some instinct told me that had to be true.

A visit to the Holy Land – some reflections

But my materialistic, atheistic, logical positivist philosophy had no room for that idea. The heroic sacrifices being remembered in the Royal Albert Hall were, by that measure, meaningless — and worse than meaningless, criminal. But I could not bring myself to say so. I felt my atheistic certainties cracking under the pressure of this inexpressible feeling. For the first time in my life, therefore, I had admitted to the validity of the God hypothesis — valid, meaning not absurd, not self-contradicting, not untenable by any reasonable mind.

A hypothesis is something that might be true but which remains to be proved.

The Day I Grew Up: A Reflection On Faith and Family - The Christian Post

Oddly, it did not occur to me that the incredible weight of the suffering that this Remembrance Service was remembrancing might be an argument against the very existence of a God. How could he allow such suffering if he could stop it? I found the answer in a crucifix — the divine paradox at the heart of Christianity. It posed more questions than it answered, which is why it attracted me, because they were good questions. It took three more years before my dalliance with the God hypothesis solidified into faith — but never irrational faith, for I have always wanted reasons.

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And paradoxically, too, I find that the willingness of atheists to do so seems more truly altruistic than when the individuals concerned believe they must ultimately face some other judgement. Those for whom virtue is purely its own reward are the ones whose virtue is untainted by self interest. They are undeclared believers in something bigger than themselves, though they get angry if you tell them so. The Last Post moved me that November evening, even though I did know then that it was traditionally followed by the sounding of Reveille in order to admit the possibility of Resurrection.

A Reflection on Faith & Connections

Those people died for an honourable cause. The bad thing about kids is their honesty. My son, heartbroken at the memory of a promise to wrestle, fell into a ball of tears because he felt left out and because Dad so easily forgot the promise he made. On the surface, this can feel burdensome. We are tired, we are in a rush, we are on the go, and it feels like we have more important things to do than split hairs about a tiny thing like a fleeting hurt feeling.

They see things how they really are. As adults, we become impressed by facades. What is on the outside is what we judge. If you stand tall enough, we will believe you are tall.

But kids see the stilts. The striking thing to me is the language used. Though oozing with deep theological meaning, the words Jesus uses are plain and to the point — he is the Bread of Life. Without him, we will not live.

There are no facades. He is who he says he is: the Son of God the Father. They are fully adults in their hearts in front of a God calling them to become as children. It calls to mind the incredible darkness being uprooted in the Church today as scandals and abuses are being brought to light. Just the opposite: they show us how mighty and powerful they truly are.

The readings this week are demanding more of us as Christians in the world today.

They hearken us to that charism of children to see straight to the heart of things and blot out inauthenticity. When we feel discouraged and ready to give up, we look to Elijah in the First Reading who was beaten and lowly.

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  • At his lowest moment, wishing for death, God came down and fed him to prepare him for the mission ahead. When we are tempted to believe sin has corrupted the Church, we proclaim during the Psalm that the Lord is still good. There is no evil in goodness, no scandal, no hidden closets. And when ready to curse the darkness, St. Paul directs our hearts away from anger and reminds us that there is power in the name of Jesus.