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The citizens live in a relatively undisturbed harmony—until Bacuaru is literally wiped off the map GPS no longer can locate the backwater , local cell service is jammed, and the people find themselves hunted, A Dangerous Game -style, by gringo infiltrators. Sam C. Iya Viktoria Miroshnichenko , a nurse working at a Leningrad hospital after the end of World War II, feels trapped in trauma, suffering from recurring fits of full-body catatonia.

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The filmmaker may depict the pain of his characters in blunt terms, but he traces the aftershocks of collapse with delicate subtlety. Jake Cole. Were it a piece of writing it would exist at the crossroads of an essay, a reportage, and a series of haikus singing the praises and the plights of a threatened ecosystem. Given the rich simplicity of the scenario, Laxe recognizes that even the smallest amount of traditional plot would feel excessive. Diego Semerene.

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Instead, the film is attached, to a consciously insular degree, to a nurse, Ichiko Mariko Tsutsui , whose life is ruined peripherally by the kidnapping due to one peculiarly bad choice on her part. As austere as Harmonium could be, the characters were in their way dynamic and made sense. Chuck Bowen. Carson Lund.

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In Story of My Death , the harbinger on the horizon is the return of irrational, Romantic thinking in the late 18th century, which would effectively smother the enlightened libertinism that the story otherwise wallows in. But as the initially amicable split between a playwright, Charlie Adam Driver , and his actress wife, Nicole Scarlett Johansson , takes a sour turn, the film becomes more acerbic, fixating on how familiarity breeds contempt. But even at its most blistering, the film contains small moments of grace in which Nicole and Charlie reflexively help or comfort each other.

These subtle glimpses of their lingering affection for one another and familiarity complicate the bitterness of their separation. The color grading lends an ethereal air to the landscape shots the ocean, blue and writhing, looks especially beautiful. Greg Cwik. Much is made of gestures like hand-tailoring suits to transport money, but the movement of cash—from client to Humberto to various far-flung locations around the globe—is by and large curtly presented.

While these scenarios are somewhat absurd and funny, they feel calculated in their attempts to stress just how pitiful Humberto has become that he has to turn to such pathetic ploys to stay afloat. Throughout, The Moneychanger maintains a monolithic meanness, skirting even the smallest gesture of sympathy for Humberto and bulldozing him with further proofs of his depravity.

Peter Goldberg. At its best, noir leaves enough unsaid that, even if a mystery is solved, one is left with the distinct impression that nothing has been fixed. Motherless Brooklyn feels altogether too tidy, a film that revives many of the touchstones of noir, but never that throbbing unease that courses through the classics of the genre. Based on a documentary, Oh Mercy!

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Throughout, director Arnaud Desplechin is bracingly concerned less with any isolated crime or character than he is in conveying simultaneousness by seizing on stray details. Before the authorities in Oh Mercy!

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And before someone can make sense of that action, a girl runs away. Oh Mercy! His name may be Salvador Mallo Antonio Banderas , but the gay filmmaker, with his tussled hair, white beard, and red turtleneck, may as well call himself Pedro. This sweeping portrayal of a romance doomed to brevity asks how to memorialize an image, but also how to keep it eternally alive.

The film frustrates when it feels compelled to elucidate those struggles in words, or through a hokey flashback structure that, it should be said, yields to an ecstatic final shot. Where her prior films have excelled in situating their protagonists in complex, sometimes hostile societies, Portrait of a Lady on Fire is at its most beguiling and probing when the rest of the world feels far away.

Justine Triet uses the relationship between the creative process and the work of psychoanalysis, or its simplified cinematic version, as raw material for her latest dramedy. Sibyl follows the madcap efforts and subterfuges that the eponymous alcoholic therapist Virginie Efira deploys in order to finally write a novel. That is, so Sibyl never has to truly let go of anything at all. This tactic, beyond mere plot device, is the first crucial clue, or symptom, that Triet discloses about Sibyl as the filmmaker smartly humanizes the figure of the therapist as someone in desperate need of a therapist herself.

Funny, frustrating, and stealthily sad, Synonyms is a bold film about the refusal to assimilate in one country, and the failure to assimilate in another. Pat Brown. To the Ends of the Earth is not, by any measure, a horror film, but it uses aesthetic and philosophical foundations that Kurosawa laid in his genre work to insinuate tensions and anxieties lurking beneath the serene surface of everyday life. As such, generally little in the way of incident occurs for much of the film. Though Pierfrancesco Favino plays Sicilian mob boss turned informant Tommaso Buscetta with the stern poise of a criminal boss, the gangster easily, almost comically buckles under the slightest pressure from the state.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with contemporary Italian genre pieces, the film is too brutish by half, as well as 40 minutes too long. The extended final act, which follows Tommaso and his family as they enter into American witness protection before ultimately returning to Italy for a series of follow-up trials, drifts along without clear purpose, unevenly oscillating between the comedic and the somber. As in Horse Money , shadows blanket Vitalina Varela , with slivers of light only illuminating people and whatever objects writer-director Pedro Costa wishes to call attention to.

This yields images that are arresting on their face but also hint at richer meanings, as in a shot of Vitalina Vitalina Varela in silhouette folding the safety vest of a construction worker who stands in a doorway in the background, also in shadow, with only the reflective green-yellow of the vest giving off any light. The sight of immigrants obscured from view as a symbol of their menial labor glows in the foreground speaks volumes to a way of life that consumes the characters.

Yet the film is no polemic. It raises delicate questions about postcolonial immigration, such as whether breadwinning vanguards should gamble on the allure of the unknown to make way for a possibly better life or settle for the hard but known life they already have. How do you size these? I want to replace my wife's 2 year old Montrail D7 with something that will last, these look like the closest shoe on the market.

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Mountain Standards Blog. Here at Alpinist , our small editorial staff works hard to create in-depth stories that are thoughtfully edited, thoroughly fact-checked and beautifully designed. Please consider supporting our efforts by subscribing. I found it. Pros: Versatile; lightweight yet durable; unparalleled toe box; sticky Vibram sole. Cons: Do not breathe; expensive. Rating: Here at Alpinist , our small editorial staff works hard to create in-depth stories that are thoughtfully edited, thoroughly fact-checked and beautifully designed.

Username Password Forgot your username or password? While the canine isn't considered invasive to North America, the species can still massively impact biodiversity and impede recovery efforts. In India, dogs reportedly attack 80 species , of which 31 are threatened and four critically endangered. Want to help mitigate the impact of invasive species in your region? The U.

For information more specific to your area, you can contact your local USFWS office or visit its website. The one thing all invasive species have in common is that they were introduced to their new homes by human activity. Given the vast reach of globalization—not to mention mishaps, accidents, chance occurrences, and blatant disregard—invasive species will no doubt continue to be a problem well into the future.

However, with these simple steps, a little knowledge, and some forethought, we may be able to prevent at least some invasions on the potential scale of the tegu. To experience real fulfillment, it's important to evaluate opportunities before jumping on board. Big Think Edge For You.